Monday, August 06, 2007


  1. vegan cupcakes, brownies and other edibles. oh so delicious and good for me. i discovered that i miss the friendship and communication with folks that are from the east coast, and that are of the 40's. there is a great deal of sincerity in the voice, and heart that is attractive and comforting. what do vegan cupcakes, and brownies have to do with the wisdom of a 40 something yr old? hmm ponder ok =)

monday monday

oh how i love this day... and today is like none other...i wake to the smell an sight of my dear darling sone tougo. we sleep together in a giant king bed, and share kicks in the middle of the night, that are of course endeering, yet somehow frustrating.

i wake and head to tougo placing my dear boy into his crib, kiss him and offer many thanks for the day. i meditate on my life, love, joy and sorrow not expecting anything in paticular other than to feel good. As feeling good is my dominant intention and so it is being.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

enter and exit strategy

I had the most wonderful day yesterday I enjoyed the day as it has been while since having time to reflect on my being without having to own, inhibit, about someone elses emotions.

I went to a performance last night and had a most wonderful time seeing the dancers dance, and create an enviornment for me to loose myself. This morning I wondered how the body can contort itself to manifest a joyful, without painful existance.

Friday, October 13, 2006

October 13th 2006

Hello friends I would like to start by saying Bless you all. get involved with something political. Give to a worthy cause save Africa, vote against WAR! 50 a day can save the life of a child. Visit the gap, or

This is all for now,

Bless you all and good night